Friday, August 28, 2009

Solid Wood Closets is Expanding its Closet Organizer Operation

Solid Wood Closets, Inc. has expanded its closet organizer operation by completing a move to a new, much bigger warehouse in Glendale, California. The move was necessary despite the economic downfall and declining home sales because the demand for quality high-end closet organizers sold at a reasonable price, and delivered nationwide is rising.

To keep up with demand of retail and wholesale customers, a bigger warehouse was needed to serve customers better by having closet products available in inventory, and expanding the showroom.

Solid Wood Closets would like to take this opportunity to thank all of current and future customers for their support and kind words about our closet products, and look forward to serving you even better in the future.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A so-called “green” home should have eco-friendly, Formaldehyde-free closet organizers, Right?

As environmental health examiner, Linda Kincaid, MPH, CIH found out that was not the case. An upscale development company advertised GreenPoint Certified homes that had high levels of Formaldehyde, especially around closet organizers in the bedroom, and kitchen cabinets. Levels high enough to cause reparatory irritation, headaches, and nausea.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Promotional Video for

This video showcases our latest closet organizers, closet systems, and closet accessories. Let us know what you think.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Solid Wood Closets Featured at the 2009 Pasadena Showcase House of Design

Solid Wood Closets was invited by two design companies, Sensi Design and Advanced Construction and Design, to design and install two walk-in closets at the 2009 Pasadena Showcase House of Design.

When asked why they chose Solid Wood Closets for their project, they both replied by saying that this is a very nice mansion with elegant furnishing and decor, it will be a shame to install Melamine closet organizers in our spaces, we definitely wanted solid wood.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Solid Wood Closets, Inc. Receives Rave Reviews From The Pros at The 2009 International Builders Show (IBS)

Closet organizers made entirely with eco-friendly real solid wood, beautifully hand finished to furniture-quality that is easy to install and reasonably priced, pleased all the pros that visited Solid Wood Closets’ booth at IBS.

Burbank, CA – February, 2009 – Solid Wood Closets’ participation at the 2009 International Builders Show shed a new light on the closet organization industry by showcasing their full panel closet organizers which are made with 100-percent eco-friendly real solid wood. Compared to the inferior industry standard, such as, MDF, Particle Board, Melamine, and Veneer, Solid Wood Closets products stand the important test of quality and durability. Every home builder, contractor, designer, and professional closet organizer that looked at, and closely examined the closet organizer system were very pleased to know that there is an alternative.

The home pros were thrilled to know that Solid Wood Closets, Inc. can meet their key challenges for any closet organization project including, material quality used to make the closet organizers, custom high-end look, design assistance, ease of installation, delivery, and pricing. Furthermore, Solid Wood Closets, Inc.’s closet organizer systems are modular and can be designed from a simple elegant look, to high-end luxurious custom look, and anything in between. Cleaver engineering and design is what makes these closet organizer systems very easy to install, as they are floor standing, stable and secure, with baseboard clearance molded into the wood. Solid Wood Closets, Inc. can deliver products nationally and internationally to any residential, commercial, and job site location within days after placing the order on, not weeks or months as is the case with custom cabinet maker or custom closet company.

The home pros were even more pleased to learn that they did not have to spend thousands for quality high-end custom closet organizers because only an experienced local cabinet maker can perhaps make similar product costing hundreds, even thousands more with substantial completion wait time. Solid Wood Closets can deliver the luxury of full panel real solid wood closet organizers for about the same price of a good Melamine system.

About Solid Wood Closets, Inc.
Manufacturer and distributor of eco-friendly real solid wood closet organizer systems. Based in Burbank, Ca, Solid Wood Closets, Inc. is set out to change the closet industry by offering exceptional, furniture quality, and 100-percent real Solid Wood Closet Organizers at a fraction of the cost of similar products found in million dollar homes. Our focus is keeping our customers happy from the first contact to the finished product. Our philosophy is to treat every customer as if they were our ONLY customer. To find out more, please visit

CONTACT INFORMATION:Natalie Portman Solid Wood Closets, Inc. 800.351.9144

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Closet Organizers Project for High-End Condominium Completed by

When Mr. Build, a subsidiary of 21st Century Construction, was researching for quality, high-end, custom closet organizers for their high-end condominium project on La Maida St. in the Art District of North Hollywood, California, they invited most of the local and online, franchised and non-franchised closet organizer companies to design and bid for the project, including Solid Wood Closets, Inc. They were looking for custom closet organizers and closet systems that matched their exceptional quality of material and workmanship throughout this project, from the exterior quality design and fixtures to the interior fixtures and materials in the bathrooms, floors, and kitchen.

"After extensive review and considerations for design, installation, cost, and most importantly, matching and exceeding the material quality throughout this project, we selected Solid Wood Closets, Inc. because they met and exceeded our expectations on all of the elements that were most important to us for this project, including cost, and we are extremely happy with the results" said David, VP and Project Lead for Mr. Build.

Closet Organizers La Maida Project

Closet Organizers Commonly Used Material Types and Availability

Several types of materials are used to make Closet organizers, ranging from low-end wire shelving all the way to high-end solid wood. No matter which type of material you decide on implementing in you closet, it helps to know a little about them, and whether it suits your needs and compliments your home décor. Here is a list of some of the material used:

Wire shelving: Wire shelves are on the lower end of closet organizers, as far as functionality, looks and décor. They are made of metal and either painted or chrome plated. They come in different levels of quality ranging from the very thin metal “wire like” shelving to the heavy duty steel. There are kits available at most home centers and online that you can purchase and install. They are simple and inexpensive alternative, but they do come with limitation of options available, such us, drawers, doors, built-in hampers and other closet accessories. This is a good alternative to the traditional reach-in shelf and rod closet.

Particleboard: Particleboards are one type of Engineered Wood, also referred to as Fiberboard. They are manufactured by using scrap wood, wood chips, even saw dust combined with a resin, which is usually formaldehyde based, which has been classified as human carcinogen by the WHO (World Health Organization). Although particleboards are cheaper alternative to real wood, if untreated it has the tendency to disintegrate in humid and moist environment. To somewhat remedy the problem, it is usually painted, or covered with plastic resin, like Melamine, that are glued to the surface. It is also difficult, or in some cases, impossible to repair if damaged. It can also sag or snap over time since it is the weakest kind of Fiberboards. For closet organizers, they are available as kits at most home centers and online.

MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard): MDF is another type of engineered wood which is also referred to as Fiberboard. Although it’s a lot denser and heavier than Particleboards, it has similar characteristics, and it’s made with similar scrap wood, and formaldehyde resin. Like Particleboards, MDF is widely used as material of choice to make closet organizers, especially by the so called “custom closet organizers” because it is cheap, and readily available. Also, it comes in variety of colors achieved by laminating the surface with plastic material, like Melamine resin. They are also available at most home centers and online.

Melamine: Some closet organizer companies refer to the material used to make their closet organizers as Melamine. It’s nothing more than particleboard or MDF laminated with plastic Melamine resin to imitate the color and grain of real wood.

Plywood: Plywood is another type of engineered wood. It is made by piling very thin layers of wood, called wood veneer, on top of each other held together by adhesives, usually formaldehyde resin. They come in many grades and quality ranging from indoor use to outdoor use, referred to as marine grade, and from construction grade to decorative grade, which is achieved by gluing a very thin layer of real wood on top of the other layers of wood. Very few custom closet companies offer closet organizers made with plywood, but generally, they charge 50-80% higher than closet organizers made with Particleboards or MDF, and even fewer companies offer it online.

Solid Wood: Unlike all other materials which are engineered from scrap wood and chemicals, solid wood is solid lumber, real wood. Its appearance is unmatched by any other material used for closet organizers, or any other piece of furniture. Solid wood is strong, stable, and lasts longer than any engineered wood. Some worry about warping of solid wood in high moisture areas, which can be true for long, thin, unfinished pieces of wood. Others, worry about cracking, but if the wood in kiln dried correctly, sealed, and finished with multi-layer process, it performs much better than any engineered wood. If you want proof, just take a look at any antique piece of furniture made with solid wood; no engineered wood would last as long. One major disadvantage of solid wood is the cost, primarily because of harvesting, kiln drying, and selecting pieces without defects. Very few companies offer solid wood for closet organizers online, and fewer custom closet organizers offer it as an alternative to engineered wood, primarily because of cost. Some closet companies suggest that their material is solid wood simply because it’s not hallow, and made of real wood saw dust, others claim their material is solid wood because they use plywood covered with real wood veneer. Beware, and make sure you’re getting the real solid wood, and certainly, getting what you've paid for. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to hire a closet company to design and install your closet organizer, or you’re buying a closet system online to install it yourself, it pays to ask questions about what type of material is being used to manufacture the closet organizer that is going to be installed in your home.

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100% Solid Wood Closet Organizer That Does Not Require a Second Mortgage

Solid Wood Closets, Inc. is revolutionizing the closet industry by offering new elegant Solid Wood Closet Organizer Systems to do-it-yourself home owners, developers, builders, and closet organizers at a reasonable price.

Burbank, CA – June 7, 2007 – Buyers searching to enhance their closets, find themselves spending more than they had anticipated on inferior products that do not stand the test of time. Often weak materials are substituted in order to meet tight budgets. Particle board, MDF, and Melamine has suddenly become the industry standards in building out ones closet, yet these products do not provide the durability needed in ones home, and they are filled with harmful chemicals.

Buyers until recently have had limited choices on closet solutions. Choices included the franchised closet companies, big box home centers, or custom cabinet makers. Closet companies use MDF, particle boards, and melamine, yet do not offer pricing consistent with these low end materials. Home centers have lower prices and the same inferior materials with very limited support, and practically little or no design assistance. With a high-end custom cabinet maker, a buyer will most likely get quality wood products but at a significant costs weighing on ones budget.

Solid Wood Closets’ aspiration is to deliver quality made closet organizer systems, finished to furniture quality using 100% solid wood. "We have a passion to deliver Formaldehyde free, quality products, with exceptional customer support and service to home owners, builders, developers, and closet professionals" said Armen Panosian, founder and CEO of Solid Wood Closets, Inc. "Our closet organizer’s design is elegant, modular, and expandable, yet very easy to install. All of this delivered at a very reasonable price."

About Solid Wood Closets, Inc.

Manufacturer and distributor of solid wood closet organizer systems. Based in Burbank, Ca, Solid Wood Closets, Inc. is set out to change the closet industry by offering exceptional, furniture quality, 100% Solid Wood Closet Organizers at a fraction of the cost of similar products found in million dollar homes. Our focus is keeping our customers happy from the first contact to the finished product. Our philosophy is to treat every customer as if they were our ONLY customer. To find out more, please visit


Natalie Portman | Solid Wood Closets, Inc. | 800.351.9144 |

Monday, February 23, 2009

Closet Organizers Information and Tips Blog Launched by

Welcome to’s Blog. We are extremely excited and happy to launch our closet organizers blog. This blog is dedicated to inform, educate, and provide tips and tutorials about closet organizers and closet systems. Weather it’s about our products, closet organization, installation, design or industry news, we felt there is the need to provide a forum where we post the information, and allow users to comment, and share their opinion and experience.

So check back soon, because in the next few days, weeks, and months we will be posting useful information about closet organizers, to which you can voice your opinion and comments.